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The 10-year Natural Hazards Research Platform programme has come to a close … BUT you can continue to read up on ongoing & new natural hazards research by visiting the Resilience to Nature’s Challenges (Link) website.

Thanks to all those who have been involved with NHRP over the years, and to MBIE Science & Innovation (Link) for their support.

The Natural Hazards Research Platform was established in 2009 by the New Zealand Government to provide long-term funding for natural hazard research, and to help researchers and end-users work more closely together. The Platform is led by GNS Science, with NIWA as a co-anchor organisation, Opus Research, and the Universities of Canterbury, Massey, and Auckland as partners. Collaboration extends wider with subcontracts to other parties. 

The Platform is obligated to provide the best science advice possible in the national interest, and research is aligned with the strategies of Government agencies responsible for reduction, readiness, response and recovery from natural hazard events.

The Platform structure includes a Strategic Advisory Group of end-users, a Technical Advisory Group of international scientists, a Management Group representing all Platform partners, a Theme Leaders Group providing sciece leadership and coordination across the Platform, and an Anchor CEO Group made up of the CEOs of GNS Science, NIWA and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

The aim of the research is to directly contribute to improved economic, infrastructural and social resilience to natural hazards in New Zealand. The science capability supported by the Platform is also available to assist decision makers during significant hazard events.

 The Platform is organised into five themes:

Recent Platform activities include extensive responses to the Canterbury Earthquakes, Tongariro and White Island volcanic events, extreme weather events, risk modelling throughout New Zealand and studies of social and business vulnerability to natural hazard events.

The Platform has approximately $14M per annum* to invest in long- and short-term projects that align with end-user needs.  The short-term funding round is open to all New Zealand-based natural hazards researchers, with the next round to start in 2017. (See Funding).

*Includes Crown Research Institute core funding.

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Last updated 16 Jan 2020