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RNC-NHRP Te Papa Research Forum

A joint forum was hosted by the Resilience to Nature's Challenges and Natural Hazards Research Platform on 30-31 May 2019 at Te Papa. Many thanks to our presenters and guests for contributing to an enlightening two days. 




  • Roger Fairclough, NHRP (Link)
  • Shane Cronin, RNC I 2015-19

Session 1 - Understanding Hazards

  • Nicola Litchfield, GNS Science - Earthquake hazards (Link)
  • Rob Bell, NIWA - Weather-related hazards and coasts on edge (Link)
  • William Power, GNS Science - Tsunami hazards (Link)
  • Chris Massey, GNS Science - Rockfall/landslide hazards (Link)
  • Jon Procter, Massey University -  Volcanic hazards (Link)

Stakeholder Panel: Marion Schoenfeld (Chiristchurch City Council), Iain Dawe (Greater Wellington Regional Council), Hollei Gabrielsen (Dept of Conservation - Link)

Session 2 - Investment in Resilience

  • Nicky Smith, Market Economics - How MERIT fits within the decision-making/economic evaluation process and decision-making under risk (Link)
  • Vivienne Ivory, WSP Opus - Corridor Forums (Link)
  • Iain White, University of Waikato - Reconciling Hazard Risk and Political Risk (Link in progress)
  • Judy Lawrence, Victoria University of Wellington - Decision-making at the Edge: Lessons for resilience (Link)

Session 3 - Community Resilience

  • Kristie-Lee Thomas, GNS Science - Community Participation in Risk Assessment (Link)
  • Darren Ngaru King, NIWA  - Mātauranga Māori and Natural Hazards Science: Past tsunamis across the northern South Island (Video Link)
  • Margaret Kilvington (Independent) - “I can live with this”: Engaging the public about risk (Link)
  • Lisa Langer and Marie McCarthy (Scion) - The centrality of culture: resilience and communities in a multi-hazard environment (Link)

Session 4 - Resilient Engineering & Infrastructure

  • Royce Liu, University of Canterbury - Bridges: What we can do today for a resilient tomorrow (Link)
  • Rick Henry, University of Auckland - Designing repairable buildings (Link)
  • Tim Sullivan, University of Canterbury - Non-structural elements (Link)
  • Liam Wotherspoon, University of Auckland - Infrastructure Networks (Link)
  • Jenni Tipler, MBIE - Update on tsunami vertical evacuation guidelines (Link)

Session 5 - Planning for Resilience

  • Nick Cradock-Henry, Landcare  - Resilience Outcomes for Rural New Zealand (Link)
  • Lucy Kaiser, GNS Science - Whakaoranga Marae: Marae Risk and Resilience (Link)
  • Wendy Saunders, GNS Science - Iwi Management Plans (Link)
  • Rob Bell, NIWA - Planning on rising seas: change and uncertainty (Link)
  • Ellie Kay, Resilient Organisations - Resilience Measurement in Policy and Action (Link)

Session 6 - Partnering for Impact

  • Angus McKay, Southland CDEM – AF8 (Link)
  • Natasha Goldring, East Coast LAB Life at the Boundary – Hikurangi Response Plan (Link)
  • Ross Roberts, Auckland Council - DEVORA (Link)
  • Derek Baxter, Wellington City Council - Its Our Fault (Link)


Richard Smith, RNC II 2019-24 (Link)

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