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Platform researchers in action.

◊ Geological Hazards


 Southern Lakes tsunami hazard with Joshu Mountjoy, NIWA

 Simulation of a megathrust earthquake with Yoshi Kaneko, GNS Science

 Alpine Fault with Ursula Cochran, GNS Science

 Alpine Fault with Caroline Orchiston, Univ Otago

 Cook Strait earthquake update with Matt Gerstenberger, GNS Science


 Lahar warnings on Ruapehu (GNS Science w/ DOC).

 Laboratory simulations of pyroclastic density currents with Shane Cronin, Massey University (now at Univ Auckland)

 Volcanic hazards in New Zealand with Brad Scott, GNS Science

 'Ever Wondered?' - volcanic research with Tom Wilson, Univ Canterbury (Episode 4, Pt 2/3)

Active Landscapes

 Dart River landslide with Simon Cox, GNS Science

 Port Hills rockfall with Chris Massey, GNS Science


 New Zealand's tsunami hazards

 Waiting on tsunami warning causes deadly delays, NZ Herald interview with Graham Leonard, GNS Science

 Echo, Echo - Scanning the seafloor on RV Tangaroa. NIWA scientist Joshu Mountjoy talks about the potential of underwater landslides to cause tsunami.

◊ Weather, flood and coastal hazards

 The cylc suite engine with Hilary James Oliver, NIWA

 NIWA forecast

 NIWA scientist Mike Revell on tornadoes

◊ Resilient Engineering & Infrastructure

Accelerated bridge construction and design (ABCD) with Alessandro Palermo, Univ Canterbury (Interview on CTV News)


Quake-resistant building design with Stefano Pampanin, Univ Canterbury (NZ Herald interview with video).

 Post-earthquake flooding with Sonia Giovinazzi & Deidre Hart, Univ Canterbury

 How can we save our heritage buildings with Jason Ingham, Univ Auckland

◊ Societal Resilience

 3rd WCDRR with David Johnston (Joint Centre for Disaster Research) representing the Scientific Panel.

 Vivienne Ivory from Opus Research speaking at 'Seismics and the City 2014'

 John Vargo from Resilient Organisations speaking on organisational resilience at 'What if Wednesdays' at the Univ of Canterbury

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Last updated 23 June 2016